Zana Health Lab Bridges Knowledge Gap Between Clinical Cannabis Patients and Physicians


Zana Health Lab Bridges Knowledge Gap Between Clinical Cannabis Patients and Physicians

SAN FRANCISCO, May 5, 2017 --​​ Zana Medical today announced the launch of Zana HealthLab, the most accessible and comprehensive public resource for evidence-based information on clinical cannabis.  Zana HealthLab curates objective, science-based information from researchers and medical professionals to address the vast knowledge gap that exists between patients and clinicians on the subject of clinical cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Poses Challenges

Clinical cannabis is legal in 28 states, Washington D.C., and Canada, translating to a population of over 230 million people who live in a state or province where clinical cannabis is legal. As cannabis gains mainstream acceptance, there is a huge knowledge gap between patients and physicians. The knowledge gap can be partly attributed to the fact that cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, creating challenges on how patients can interface with their medical professionals and access safe cannabis medicine. Because cannabis is a complex plant with research rapidly emerging, patients find it challenging to find the best protocol to optimize treatment outcomes.

“Cannabis contains dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes with therapeutic properties, while each strain’s chemical profile is unique,” said Jeremy Kossen, Director of Communications & Research for Zana Medical. “The fact cannabis contains so many potentially therapeutic active constituents is one of the plant’s greatest strengths. But this complexity can also pose challenges for patients and physicians trying to find the best strain and intake method to treat a particular condition. And, too often, patients rely on information from friends or the internet that may be inaccurate.”

Zana HealthLab Demystifies Clinical Cannabis

Zana HealthLab guides patient by providing evidence-based information on how clinical cannabis may -- or may not -- help patients. “Our goal in creating Zana HealthLab is to take the guesswork out of clinical cannabis by providing patients and clinicians the most authoritative and comprehensive clinical cannabis resource on the web,” said Hadar Wissotzky, CEO, and founder of Zana Medical.

Zana HealthLab Serves Diverse Patient Populations

Zana HealthLab features original content -- including videos, podcasts, articles, eBooks and whitepapers -- produced and developed by medical and scientific experts. Zana Zana Medical is a pioneer in this field of medicine, making the content available free of charge to patients, researchers, policymakers, and medical professionals.

To serve diverse patient populations, Zana HealthLab is organized into easy-to-follow sections:

  • Women’s Health

  • Men’s Health

  • Veteran Health

  • Senior Health

Zana HealthLab also provides several other features:

  • Zana Radio - Features original podcasts on topics such as insomnia, chronic pain, and PTSD

  • CannaBites - Bite-sized videos addressing common questions about cannabis

  • Library  - Curated research on clinical cannabis

  • Ask Us Anything - Medical professionals and experts answer questions from patients

About Zana HealthLab:

With more Americans and Canadians turning to cannabis to meet their medical needs, Zana HealthLab enables patients to find reliable resources to make informed decisions about their health, while helping them have more productive conversations about clinical cannabis with their medical professional or caretaker. Prior to publication, all editorial content is medically reviewed by Zana Medical’s network of licensed medical professionals.

About Zana Medical:​ ​

Zana Medical Group is a patient-centric digital healthcare platform to treat chronic conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, and PTSD. Zana’s integrative approach combines digital self-managed guidance programs (AI) with expert, on-demand coaching and support from a network of experienced health care providers. Through our exclusive partnerships, Zana Medical Group offers safe, affordable, personalized medical treatments to over 150,000 patients.


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